Santorini Tiny House Design 7m X 11m

Tiny dwellings are a style of living that exemplifies the principles of minimalism and sustainability. These houses have very small lots. Designers seek ideas to improve the living comfort of these homes by balancing practicality, aesthetics, and usefulness. Today, we’ll show you the ‘Santorini Tiny House Design 7m x 11m,’ which is ideal for living the minimalist lifestyle of your dreams.

Tiny dwellings are typically small constructions. With their practical structure, these two-story or single-story dwellings give all of the amenities found in typical houses. The house is extremely functional thanks to open floor plans and clever storage options. The interior is designed with large windows and soft colors.

The interior of tiny houses should not be the only consideration. They provide a nice outdoor living environment with spacious terraces and garden spaces. This allows households to spend more time outside in nature. If you want to purchase a little house, you need look into numerous models and choose the one that best meets your needs. Don’t forget to look at the other tiny houses on our website for inspiration.


This tiny house’s design concept is a beautiful blend of modern aesthetics and functional elegance. This compact house includes three bedrooms and a pleasant veranda with a seating space.

The fa├žade of the little house is decorated in pure white tones, giving it a clean and timeless appearance. The front is embellished with wide windows that connect the interior and external smoothly. The garden is beautifully designed, with a wide variety of flowers and climbing vines.

As you approach the house, you will notice a well-lit entrance with a staircase heading upstairs. The doorway establishes the tone for the contemporary style that awaits inside.

The open and airy mood pervades the vast living room. There are large windows with views of the garden and veranda. The white walls provide a feeling of brightness.

The veranda is the focal point of the outdoor living area. It has a cozy seating area, making it ideal for relaxing.

The open-concept kitchen is a work of art in design. The cabinetry is made of light-colored wood, which creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. The countertops are made of exquisite marble, and there is plenty of room for meal preparation.

The tiny house has three bedrooms, each of which is built for comfort and style. The trendy interior design aspects continue into the bedrooms.

This tiny house design follows modern living ideas.

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