Yaroomba 8.4 Aussie Tiny Houses, The Ultimate Family Tiny House

One of the primary advantages of a tiny house is its low cost. Traditional home construction can easily cost six figures before interior decorations and functional systems. A tiny home, on the other hand, may be purchased for a fraction of the price because it essentially involves repurposing an old shipping container and converting it into a practical living space. They are very adjustable due to their flexibility and versatility. You can preserve the tiny house’s original design or fully redesign it to suit your specific needs.

The Yaroomba 8.4 is the next step in family tiny home living, with a standing landing to the main loft bedroom, open plan living, kitchen, and separate dining area.

Family meals are made easy with a generously sized kitchen, plenty of storage, and enough for a huge fridge! This little house shines in the living area. Everyone has their own place in this family small, with a private lounge/TV zone suitable for movie buffs and a separate dining area for meals or schoolwork.

The bathroom has a shower, toilet, vanity, and under-counter space for a washing machine.

The Yaroomba 8.4 is the ultimate in family friendly tiny house living, with dual lofts, a standing landing, two storage staircases with no ladders, and separate sitting and eating zones.

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