What This Guy Built In 40 Days Will Amaze You

Pascal Dubé and Catherine Duval are deux jeunes amoureux from Quebec who recently completed a tiny second home in just 40 days. Although this was their first tiny house, they’re not exactly amateurs. Pascal has been running an ecofriendly construction business for the past few years, and has extensive training in Passivhaus design, while Catherine is a trained interior designer.

While their new house on wheels isn’t zero net energy, it is extremely well insulated, with triple-pane windows. It’s currently hooked up to municipal power & water, but is also off-grid capable, with wood and propane stoves, a composting toilet, and provisions for solar panels and propane-powered refrigeration. There looks to be plenty of room inside, even with a queen bed in the loft and generously wide wooden countertops in the kitchen.

After such a successful build, Pascal and Catherine don’t see any reason to stop here – they’ll be expanding Pascal’s business by offering tiny house construction services as Ma Maison Logique.

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