TripSylvania Tiny House

Step into a realm of serenity and nature’s embrace as you uncover the hidden gem of Șirnea – Romania’s first touristic village. Embark on a journey to TripSylvania Tiny House, where tranquility reigns supreme and every corner is a gateway to peaceful escape.

Perched upon a sprawling 14,000 sqm land, TripSylvania Tiny House beckons you to embrace the beauty of unspoiled nature. Bid adieu to the chaos of urban life and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the surroundings. This is your sanctuary away from the city’s hustle, where time slows down and nature takes the lead.

Behold an awe-inspiring panorama that stretches as far as the eye can see – the majestic Bucegi Mountains. Imagine sinking into your very own outdoor hot tub, the warm waters enveloping you, while you sip on a glass of fine wine. Gaze upwards, and the Milky Way unfurls its luminous tapestry, inviting you to indulge in stargazing like never before.

TripSylvania Tiny House is designed to offer you the quintessential tiny house experience without compromising on comfort. Surrounded by the allure of nature, you won’t have to forgo any of the modern amenities that ensure a luxuriously cozy stay. It’s a harmonious blend of rustic charm and contemporary convenience.

As the sun’s golden rays paint the landscape, sink into relaxation with your favorite book. The expansive living area’s large window is your portal to breathtaking views. From here, the mountains and the quaint village come alive, casting a spell that invites serenity into your soul.

When night descends, a whole new world awaits. The universe itself becomes your canvas as you peer through the 1.4m x 1.4m skylight, perfectly positioned above the cozy loft bed. Let the mysteries of the cosmos unfold as you drift into slumber, cradled by the beauty of the skies above.

TripSylvania Tiny House encapsulates the essence of the tiny living movement – a testament to the notion that less can truly be more. In this compact haven, each corner is meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. It’s an invitation to simplify, to reconnect, and to relish every moment in its purest form.

Are you ready to embark on a journey to tranquility? TripSylvania Tiny House awaits, a symphony of nature, comfort, and awe-inspiring views. Let the Șirnea breeze whisk away your worries and the mountains echo your whispers of contentment. This is more than just a tiny house; it’s a doorway to a world where time stands still and the heart finds solace.

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