Thrifty Mom Says Cutting Her Dishwasher Tabs in Half Helps Her Stay on a Budget and Her Dishes Still Get Clean

What if every container of dishwasher detergent was a value pack?
As Kidspot reports, one thrifty mom has shared her simple method to spend half as much money on dish soap. She simply cuts her dishwasher tabs in half.
Blogger PinkyandThrifty shared the tip on Instagram, where she wrote that even though she’s using half a detergent tablet, “they still clean just as good.”
The advice was a revelation for many readers who wrote they were excited to try it. One noted with surprise that she “never thought of this, I have two of those stupid dish draws that do half a load each. Always complain that I pay double ’cause I use two tablets to do one tablet’s worth of a load.”

At least one commenter was already halving her dishwasher tabs and confirmed that it worked:
We have always done this cut ours in half — half a tablet a day we get the pack of 40 for around $6 and it usually last us up to 2 months it’s fantastic savings and value.
The tip inspired another mom blogger to test it out. ThatOrganisedMum wrote on Instagram that the trial was a success:
After seeing @pinkyandthrifty say how well she found the Aldi dishwashing tablets to work even when chopped in half I decided to try it myself! Still cleans just as well and now will last even longer.
And the tip is good for all dishwasher soap, not just tablets. Writing for Kitchn, Chris Phillips discussed how the dishwasher repairman informed him that he should not use an entire Electrasol tab for every wash, as it was too harsh on the dishes:
He said those tabs were almost twice as much soap as we needed. Instead, he suggested we use Cascade and only fill the soap dispenser up to the first line.
In fact, it can be a good idea to cut down how much soap you use in other appliances, too. One repairman told the New York Times that people only need one-eighth or one-half of the recommended amount of detergent for the washing machine:
“Most people use 10 to 15 times the amount of soap they need, and they’re pouring money down the drain.”

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