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The Cops Chased Her For Miles. When She Finally Pulled Over She Had A “Good” Excuse

On Tuesday, Emily Jean Owings Sindt, 28, was arrested after she was stopped for speeding. The driver found herself facing down police officers after she was caught blasting along the roads of Enid, Oklahoma, early on Tuesday morning. Footage from the arrest reveals that Owings Sindt had a plan to get out of getting a ticket. She told the responding officer that it was her “f***ing birthday” and that she had “to go poop” before she sped away from the routine traffic stop and led Oklahoma cops on an exciting 70 miles per hour car chase.

Officer Geoffrey McBride originally pulled Owings Sindt over for not wearing a seatbelt. However, the situation quickly escalated out of control because Owings Sindt had to use the bathroom and was not willing to wait around for the cop to write her a ticket. However, she did have time to provide her medical marijuana card as a form of identification to the concerned officer.

After she sped away from the traffic stop area, she was eventually pulled over. When she was arrested for fleeing the scene, she asked the officer, “Can I poop in your car, man?”

Owings Sindt probably had to use her marijuana card as her primary form of identification because her license was revoked. Nevertheless, she was willing to lead Oklahoma officers on a lengthy car chase “for several blocks, reaching speeds of 70 mph in a 30 mph zone, past an elementary school and through an intersection with a 4-way stop,” according to police.

When she was arrested, she faced multiple charges, including eluding the police, reckless driving, driving under suspension, no seat belt, no insurance, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Footage of the traffic stops shows a tearful Owings Sindt complaining about the length of the run-in.

“But I have to poop so bad. It’s my birthday. It’s my f***ing birthday.”

“Why won’t you just let me go?” she asked, before adding, “But can I please go home and go poop?”

The responding officer then tells Owings Sindt that she is in trouble with the law and that she has “warrants in Woods County, and they are coming to get you.”

This prompts her to put the officer’s life in danger and speed away from the scene of the traffic stop.

“No, they are not! F*** you!”

This type of behavior would never be tolerated if the driver of the car was not white.

When she is finally caught (following the dangerous car chase near the elementary school), she asks the officer if she can use the squad car as a makeshift toilet.

“You could’ve already been on your way to jail.”

The snide suspect responds, “Yeah, but not pooping.”

Police released the following statement following the highspeed car chase.

“A check with dispatch found Owings Sindt’s license was revoked and she had a warrant out of Woods and Grant counties. While waiting for this information, McBride saw the woman bouncing up and down in her seat and heard her yell several times more than she had to ‘poop.’ Owings Sindt then revved her engine, cursed the officers at the scene, and sped away with her tires squealing.”

Police also found a meth pipe in her car.

The cops added, “Everybody poops, we know, but that’s no reason to commit a felony and put in danger the lives of officers, other motorists, and pedestrians in the area.”

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