5 Free DIY Tiny House Plans to Help You Live the Small & Happy Life

Are you familiar with the tiny house movement? Well, if not, it is all the rage these days. People are selling their larger homes and building houses about 1/3 of the average size house. This is totally cool because people are ditching debt and embracing life. So I want to share multiple tiny house plans. … Read more

Modern Rustic Tiny House – Open Concept (Photo Tour)

The tiny house is framed on a 24 foot long, 8-1/2″ feet wide trailer.  It is built between the wheel wells and ends up being just under 13 feet tall.  With the added siding, lights, and exhaust pipes for venting, the tiny house becomes oversized in Alaska.  This is not an issue for this client … Read more

How to Build a Tiny Home on a Tiny Budget

You aren’t alone if you are dreaming about a tiny home. One part of the attraction is living a more minimalist lifestyle that has less impact on the environment. But an even bigger allure for some is the affordability factor. At the end of 2015, the average sales price on a new home in the U.S. … Read more