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8 Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas

August 18, 2018 0

Want Halloween makeup that you can create yourself at home? Then you need to check out our 23 creative DIY Halloween makeup ideas. There are…

How to Build a Tiny Home on a Tiny Budget

August 11, 2018 0

You aren’t alone if you are dreaming about a tiny home. One part of the attraction is living a more minimalist lifestyle that has less impact…

55 DIY Pallet Recycling Ideas and Designs

August 7, 2018 0

Pallets are pre-cut, good-sized and still in good condition wood boards. It is also one of the most popular recycling and repurposing materials. Cleaned, sanded…

24 Back to School Organization Ideas

August 4, 2018 0

These back to school organization ideas make the perfectionist in me so happy! I’m not a very organized person, so I can promise you that…

How to Make a Vintage Painting into a Cabinet

August 2, 2018 0

Step-by-step instructions for crafting a piece of art into a useful storage space. Step 1 If the cabinet has a mirrored front, carefully remove the…