Six Ways Children Can Decorate Easter Eggs Without the Mess of Typical Dye

With Easter just around the corner, parents are gearing up, and kids are getting excited to decorate the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny will be hiding around their homes.
However, with all of that fun often comes a big mess for parents to clean up afterward, so here are six different ways to decorate eggs without the messy aftermath.
This is what you’ll need:

Six or more hardboiled eggs
Scotch tape
Colorful tape
Colorful string
Pipe cleaners

Let your ‘colorful’ and creative flag fly:
The first egg is very simple. All you need is several colors of tape and an egg.
Simply rip the tape and stick it on the egg until you can’t see the white of the shell anymore, and there you go!
‘Happy Easter!’:
This classic egg decorating tactic is also very easy. All you need is a box of crayons, an egg, and a little bit of creativity.
Just grab your favorite colors and start picturing your egg as your canvas. Whatever you choose to draw is sure to grab your family’s attention.
Here comes the ‘pipe cleaner’ bunny:
For this egg-citing new egg, you’ll need pipe cleaners, crayons, and an egg.
First, take one pipe cleaner and wrap it the long way around the egg. Make sure the two extra ends meet at the tip of the egg, this is what you will use to fashion the bunny’s ears.
Next, take each end of the pipe cleaner and fold them down. And just like that, you have ears. If you want to add a little bit more for character add a bow or a bow-tie for dramatic effect.
Finally, take the crayons and draw your bunny’s face and tail! How cute!
Just ‘stick’ with me:
Grab your stickers and your crayons (if you want) and get sticking!
For this egg, we remember the “reason for the season.”
Don’t forget the ‘chicks’:
Now, it’s time to use your felt pieces. Grab your tape, scissors, imagination, and just have fun!
Time to ‘wrap it up’:
For this final egg idea, grab as many colors of string as you can and just start wrapping!
How cute!

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