This delightful log lodge has one of a kind subtleties inside that are genuinely motivating. The tender loving care and superb craftsmanship puts this lodge above numerous others.

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The Top Dom configuration organization made a log lodge that looks simply like the ones depicted in Russian fantasies, which filled in as a motivation for this home. Numerous normal highlights give this lodge an exceptional appeal, with the fundamental fascination of the house being its extensive yard and the very present day insides.

Indeed, this log house can without much of a stretch be known as a masterpiece. Investigate the photos and let your eyes lead you into a wonderful condition of wandering off in fantasy land:

An inviting section into the log lodge … and an exceptional restroom structure.

The rural staircase takes you up to the space room.

The comfortable log lodge room allows you to rest and rest soundly.

While the sauna will give an extraordinary quieting and detoxifying knowledge.

Special thanks to Sergey Tarapov and Top Dom Design


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