Rustic Log Cabin Living On One Acre – Perfect Floor Plan For Families

This 2,523 square foot cabin structure has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. New flooring, kitchen worktops, fresh outside stain, new paint, new fixtures, and more have been installed in this freshly refurbished cabin building in Sharpsburg, North Carolina. On a one-acre property, the cabin building contains a flex room, laundry room, and three porches. The lovely cabin structure recently sold for $131,500. Perhaps you’d like to use this cabin as inspiration for your own holiday house, or perhaps you’d like to purchase something similar. This cabin structure is an example of the types of cabin structures that are available.

The type of log cabin you buy or build will be primarily determined by your log house budget. The cost of a log home or wood cabin will be determined by a number of things. Building at least some of the wood home yourself is one of the finest strategies to save money on your cabin construction. Time and labor will be saved as a result of the savings. If you have some building experience and a basic grasp of construction, you’ll see that there are significant cost reductions to be had. Many wood hut kits have extensive instructions, so a group of handymen could construct a tiny wood cabin in a few weekends. Your wood cabin manufacturer should be able to assist you in obtaining finance. Go off the beaten path. Consider adequate alternative energy alternatives and toilet facilities as part of your log cabin design plans. The research you conduct is an important part of the planning process for your wood home. You may save money and build the log home of your dreams by thoroughly researching and planning your log cabin design.

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