Packing for Europe – 2 Weeks in the Summer – Carry On Only

Nope, not going to Europe. But when I did, I posted my ‘practice’ packing post with 25 items and 50+ outfits, but I never followed up with what I actually packed. I knew I didn’t need (or want) 50 outfits, so I scaled it down quite a bit, and I wanted to share in case anyone needs any help packing. Plus I just really like packing posts, okay?

So here is what I packed for 2 weeks in Paris, Rome & Dublin.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click, I make like 2 cents, so thank you! Not included but packed: makeup, hair tools, pajamas, tights, underwear, etc. Most of my actual items were old or sold out, so I tried to find something similar. I also brought 2 necklaces but didn’t include those in the list.

A note about the shoes – I think I brought the perfect shoes. I’m not a heels-while-travelling-girl, and those flats are dressy enough for me. I know sneakers aren’t cute but we walked SO much, they were so worth it. I also wore my crocs with dresses and they are very comfortable. Not winning any fashion awards over here, but comfort is more important to me.

I also bought a couple of things while I was over there – I always do! shopaholic over here – and I included those in the packing list just to show exactly what I wore (noted with an asterisk). I absolutely would have been fine with only what I brought though, I just really like to shop. I obviously didn’t need 4 scarves in the summer, but they are an easy way to mix up an outfit (especially in Dublin where it was ‘cold’ to me). We also did laundry once as there was a laundromat right down the street from our hotel.

I didn’t get the best ‘outfit photos’ but I thought it would be more fun to show the actual photos / outfits than to recreate them. I especially didn’t get good photos of my maxi dress, but I did wear it twice. I also only have one photo with my grey cardigan, but that thing came almost everywhere with me – it fits in my crossbody bag and you never know when it will get cold (I did the same thing with the same cardigan in Disney).

There was also an outfit that was completely not photographed, but I included it in my ‘just-add-body’ outfits (got that fabulous term from Gina). I don’t exactly have regrets like I did with NYC, but I probably didn’t need to bring both my rain coat and my denim jacket. It’s not like I ran out of room though, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

Anyway, what I love most about packing posts is seeing what other people can fit in their bags. I see lots of posts about 10 items = 20 outfits, which I of course love, but I have more items than outfits. I might have only worn something once, but I don’t mind because it shows that you can overpack (hooray!) while still using a carry on only. High fives all round y’all.

Honestly, I don’t think I could do the whole carry on thing without the ebags mother lode weekender bags. These bags are so amazing, I love them! They are so worth the (very reasonable) cost and this is not sponsored I promise, I just love them. I didn’t have to extend the bag once (which means I should have shopped more), it gets heavy when wearing for several hours but so does a small crossbody bag. KC was able to carry them both so they mustn’t be that bad.

Meanwhile, can you guess which one is mine? Ha!

Most importantly, they fit perfectly in all the overhead bins (we flew American Airlines, Aer Lingus and EasyJet FYI). Which is a win in my book.

So, anyone need carry on only packing help? I’m at your service! Okay, I mean I’m happy to help.

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