Mom Is Being Called a Genius After Revealing This Watermelon ‘Hack’ to the World

Okay, you still need a knife to cut the watermelon in quarters, but after that, gone are the days when you need a knife to cut a watermelon into chunks.
As mom Kelly Rose Sarno revealed in a video that she posted to her Facebook, all you need is floss to cut a watermelon into perfect little triangles.
Watch the full video below:

All Kelly does is take a long piece of dental floss, pulls it taut, and drags along the rind from one end of the fruit to the other.
Then the mom takes the floss and quickly chops the edible parts of the fruit into little rectangles, and Voila!
It took Kelly all of thirty seconds to cut the watermelon up.
Since the video was posted it has garnered over 19 million views and has left thousands of commenters wondering where this “hack” has been all their lives:
Where have you been all my life!!!! Seriously lol
You are now my hero! I’ve been eating watermelon my whole life and never thought of doing that. This looks way easier
You’re a freaking genius
That’s so smart
Is this something you have ever tried before?

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