Mom Helping Son Make Giraffe Easter Bonnet Realizes End Result Is More X-Rated Than Expected

Making a giraffe-themed Easter bonnet is a challenge in itself, but Kate Thornalley didn’t expect the effect to be quite so … anatomical.
As Kidspot reports, the mom-of-two, who blogs at Mrs. Mombastic, told her son that he could make whatever he wanted for his school Easter bonnet.
As Thornalley wrote on Facebook, “I was so full of hope. So … so … so … foolish.”
Given the opportunity to do anything for an Easter bonnet, her son decided to express his love for long-necked ungulates:
“A giraffe!” He declared with a sparkle in his eye. “Giraffes are my favourite animal mummy!”
I knew that. I half expected him to say giraffe anyway.
And her son stuck to his vision, despite efforts to talk him out of it and the fact that it’s much easier to glue Easter eggs on a hat than try to make a giraffe bonnet.

Easter bonnet season is upon us…I told my son that he could do whatever he wanted. I was so full of hope. So……
Posted by Mrs. Mombastic on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

But like a good mom, Thornally was determined to help her son make his dream hat. But when they were done, it was obvious that the neck and head of the giraffe bore a striking resemblance to something else. The mom wrote:
Two bonnets in the bin, lots of papier mache, super glue, gaffer tape and many other failed attempts later, my son and I came up with this…
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:
“The Penis Bonnet.”
Unsurprisingly, her husband thought the final effect was funny. And though the mom joked that she was ready to cry over the whole thing, she added, “I suppose most importantly, my son was incredibly proud of our hard work. And his favorite part? The giraffe’s neck. Of course.”
But Thornally had a plan to make the hat look more giraffe-like. She wrote:
We will wait for it to dry, attempt to fashion some spots out of felt and perhaps some horns out of pipe cleaners, stick on some googly eyes and he will enter the Easter bonnet competition full of the same hope that I had had about two days earlier before starting this monstrosity.
Hopefully the end result will look slightly less “penisy” (for want of a better word).
And there’s a lesson to be learned here — apart from the one about how difficult it is to make a papier-mache giraffe.

Penis giraffe bonnet only went and bloody won the Easter bonnet competition! Oh ye of little faith!!!!! But on a…
Posted by Mrs. Mombastic on Friday, March 29, 2019

“Yes, your mother is willing to send you into school with a phallic symbol sticking out of a straw hat because she knew how badly you wanted a sodding giraffe bonnet and she didn’t want to let you down,” Thornally wrote. “She’s also run out of time and ideas in order to attempt anything else now.”
However, she hopes that her son will look back on this and see her as “the mum who tries” — as opposed to, “the mum who fails you.”)
Because, as Thornally wrote, “Even though I get it wrong A LOT of the time … MY WORD AM I TRYING.”
Thornally’s adventures in making a giraffe hat struck a chord with commenters, many of whom had their own amusing anecdotes regarding children’s art projects.
The mom told Dearly that she was surprised by the reaction to the post. She added that even her son’s school has learned about it now, and “it’s all been rather amusing for everyone.”
And the story has a happy ending too. With the addition of ears, googly eyes, and polka dots, the hat went on to win the Easter bonnet contest.
The mom told Dearly, “My son still loves that hat and is so proud that he won.”
As Thornally wrote in a follow-up post, “It just goes to show that if you GET A GRIP of the situation, you can PULL IT OFF … maybe there’s a little bit of penis bonnet in all of us (woah, DEEP).”

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