Mom Goes to Fold Laundry and Discovers Snake in the Dryer: ‘I Have Never Ran So Fast in My Life’

As if anyone needed another reason to dread doing laundry.
As Fox 13 News reports, Amanda Wise of Safety Harbor, Florida got up on Sunday morning ready to do a few chores. She made some coffee and prepared to fold the laundry still sitting in the dryer.
That’s when she found an unexpected visitor had beaten her to it.

Y’all.. I about had a near death experience this morning ? I made my coffee and headed out to the garage to fold laundry…
Posted by Amanda Wise on Sunday, February 24, 2019

“Y’all … I about had a near death experience this morning,” the mom wrote on Facebook. She continued:
I made my coffee and headed out to the garage to fold laundry from the dryer. Almost done, I bent down to grab the rest out and BAM! A M.F. SNAKE.
Sitting there, nestled in her clean clothing, was a corn snake, not that Wise stayed around long enough to research snake varieties:
If there’s one thing I am terrified of (other than flying) it’s snakes. I have never ran so fast in my life. My heart was racing, my legs were shaking and I burst into a sweat.
The mom later posted a video of the aftermath on Facebook. A camera in the living room caught Wise running through the house, screaming about the snake in the dryer.
(Warning: Some of the language used in the video may be viewed as offensive.)

Okay y’all- I apologize in advance for my mouth- but this was too funny not to share (after the fact). Make sure you have your volume up ? We have security cameras in the house- which just happened to catch me running in from the garage ???
Posted by Amanda Wise on Sunday, February 24, 2019

Fortunately, both Wise and the snake came out of the ordeal safely. Her husband used a broom handle to move the snake from the dryer to a new, more appropriate home. She wrote:
Shout out to my husband, the snake tamer, for getting him out of the dryer safely and outside (where he belongs)!
Wise’s reaction earned her a lot of sympathy on social media, where at least one person suggested she’d earned a lifetime break from laundry.
Later, the family investigated and found that the cover had fallen off the dryer vent on the side of the house. They believe that’s how the snake managed to get in.
According to Angie’s List, it’s not unusual for animals to nest in dryer vents or use them to get access to the home. The most common dryer vent pests include birds, rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, baby skunks, groundhogs, and wasps.
A bad odor (like dead animal) is one sign that there are pests in your dryer vent, but another is when the dryer starts working inefficiently, indicating that a bird may have built a nest in it. Grass hanging outside the vent is another sign of a possible nest.
Usually, a dryer vent specialist can remove pests from a dryer vent. Also, ensuring your dryer vent cover is in place and in good repair can keep pests out. For those who have more serious problems with pests in the vent, you can buy a dryer vent pest guard at the hardware store or have one installed by a specialist.

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