Miami police have arrested no less than 22 people after a protest against a statue of Christopher Columbus escalated into a sexual orgy claim authorities.

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Protesters first denounced the Italian explorer as a racist figure of white supremacy before several activists started to take off their clothes and sexually assault the statue.

Many eyewitnesses were shocked to see the protesters undress and sexually assault the statue of the 15th-century adventurer in front of local bystanders.

“White people have raped this land and so now it is our turn to rape America,” protesters shouted during the sexually explicit protest.

Officer Dwayne Thompson described the arrest of 22 local residents as “shocking” and “obscene” as several activists engaged in sexually explicit acts upon the statue and with each other including masturbation, fellatio, and sodomy before a stunned crowd.

“One protester put his penis and testicles inside the mouth of Christopher Columbus while another guy fisted him from behind,” one shocked witness told reporters.

City workers also complained that they were forced to wash the statue several times for sanitary reasons.
“I had to scrub Christopher Columbus’s face with a toothbrush for two hours because he had sperm all over his eyes, hair, and teeth,” one city employee told reporters.

Miami police were forced to wait an estimated hour and a half until the protesters were finished fornicating before they could proceed to the arrests because of safe distancing measures adopted to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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