Marvelous 1,473 Sq.Ft Log Home Has Perfect Layout For A Small To Medium Family. Floor Plan Available!

The Killington cabin structure is part of Coventry Log Residences’ Craftsman Series of log homes. With three bedrooms and two baths, this log house is ideal for a small to medium family. The cathedral ceiling and open-concept architecture of the wood cabin open up the main floor. The kitchen in this log house design includes a pantry and a side porch, which is ideal for outside grilling. Two of the bedrooms have closets, while the rest of the first floor is taken up by a bathroom. Another bedroom, a charming loft, and a full bath can be found upstairs. The Killington log house features 1,473 square feet of living area, with pricing ranging from $55,600 for a precut log home package to $99,400 for an eight by eight complete log house package. You have the option of adding a garage to your log house package, which is available in sizes ranging from one to three cars.

The Killington cabin structure has a beautiful plan that makes living in a log house very comfortable. The Killington’s vaulted ceiling and open kitchen/living area combine to create a welcoming atmosphere. The front covered porch is another element that makes this log cottage so appealing. It’s no surprise, considering covered porches and patios are ideal for relaxing in any weather while taking in the scenery. The Killington, like the Coventry, is part of the Craftsman Style of log homes, which are defined by their use of big exposed beams in the loft and roof sections.

This log house is an excellent example of what your log house bundle can accomplish. The Killington log house in the photos includes a wraparound terrace that extends the living space outside, as well as a basement foundation that adds a lot of square footage to the cabin design. These are only a few of the design options available to you when it comes to living in a wood cabin, and the additions you choose will be determined by your log home budget and demands. A stone fireplace is another option for your log house design, which you can either build yourself or hire someone who has done it before. A stone fireplace might be costly depending on the size you desire, but most people agree that it is a great addition to any log cabin and is well worth the money if you can afford it. If a stone fireplace is out of your price range, a wood stove might provide just as much warmth in the winter.

Coventry Log Homes offers a variety of cabin structures, including the Killington wood cabin. Coventry Log Homes is a family-owned company with over 20 years of expertise building log homes. Coventry Log Homes is a terrific place to start for folks who are looking to make more green decisions in their lives. All of the Coventry Log Home construction processes adhere to the strictest green building rules and norms. Some of Coventry’s green practices include the usage of all-natural items that are free of dangerous contaminants. The log cabin company collaborates with local loggers who responsibly manage the natural resources utilized in the cabins. They also make certain that all of the waste wood from the log house building is recycled. As if that weren’t enough, they also distribute their wood shavings to local farmers, provide free wood for people to heat their homes, and use the log ends to heat all of their production facilities.

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