Log Home Kit For $40,000, Take A Look Inside!

Simple is sometimes all that is required. That’s exactly what Meadowlark Log Homes’ Montana Rancher log home can offer. The company has a long history and profound Amish origins. The owners built their first log house when they were young lads in the 1970s, and their passion for log houses and cabins grew from there. Log cabins, houses, lodges, pavilions, homesteads, and chalets are now being built. They were chosen in 2015 to conduct some of the restoration work on one of the classic lodges in Glacier Park, Lake McDonald Lodge. All of the old wood had to be removed and replaced with new cedar railing. This was an exciting task and effort for the organization, and it will be remembered for years to come as part of the lodge’s history. The Solar Lodge, a 1900 square foot log home, was the company’s first large log house, built in 1981. They erected a massive log house with 7,000 square feet and 10 bedrooms in 1992, which is also quite remarkable. They’ve even constructed a circular wall out of logs, which is quite remarkable to say the least.

Their log homes are also very energy efficient. To construct a particularly well-insulated wall, they use a flat on flat building system with insulating tape and chinking, as well as foam insulation. This means that their log homes will be able to retain heat effectively in the winter and remain cool in the summer. The Log Homes Council (LHC) and the British Columbia Log & Timber Building Association are also members of the company (LTBIA). Log houses, according to the LHC, are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than other construction methods. Log homes are also extremely resilient and can last for decades. We can even witness log buildings dating back to the 1600s, when pioneers first started building them. This eliminates the need to rebuild wood homes, saving money and resources while also being more environmentally friendly. Even after a log house or other wooden construction has been demolished, the wood may usually be used for various purposes such as furniture and home design.

This specific log home, dubbed the Montana Rancher, would look fantastic in any setting. It would be a lovely log house to construct in the country or even in the woods. With a sunburst over the front entry and a wonderful porch on the front of the house, the front profile is stunning. The rounded logs are stunning and perfectly replicate the look of a typical log cabin. The living area, which is 15 feet by 13 feet, is where the house enters. The kitchen is the same size as the living room and is open to it, creating a beautiful open concept environment. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom on one side of the house, while the other bedroom has a smaller bathroom on the other side. The logs are fully rounded, resulting in a pleasing round log profile on the home’s interior and exterior walls. The main floor of this home is 1,176 square feet, with a 336 square foot covered porch. On the side of the house, there’s a tiny 32 square foot deck. The cathedral ceiling in the main living area of the house really opens up the living space and is a great way to show off the beauty of the beams in log homes. For this model, the Pre-Assembled Log Package costs $41,906.

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