Organization Inspiration: Project Ideas for the Next House

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We are working hard to revamp our house in order to prep it for sale later this year. Which means, at the moment, my dining room is actually in my living room while we redo the floors. I’m sitting on my sofa staring at dining chairs, extra toys, shelving, and a ton of craft supplies scattered willy nilly. I need some organization inspiration!

As I work on this house, I’m enjoying dreaming up lots of plans for the nexthouse. At this point, I can still pretend the home we find will have walk-in closets everywhere and an endless amount of storage.

But since that’s probably won’t be the case, I’m trying to prepare ideas now to make every ounce of storage as usable as possible. The five projects below all fit that bill – making the most out of space that might otherwise be wasted:

1. Under Stairs Storage, from Joat-London
2. Craft Closet for Kids, from Better Homes and Gardens
3. Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers, from Real Simple
4. Vegetable Drawers, from Dering Hall
5. Milk Glass Crafts Caddy, from Better Homes and Gardens

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