Fans Say ‘It’s Not Smart’ for the Duggars to Have Their Microwave in Reach of Children

On Christmas Eve, the Duggar family took to their official Instagram account to share a photo of one of Michelle and Jim Bob’s grandchildren.
The picture revealed their one-year-old grandson, Mason, dressed in gray pants, a white button-up shirt, a black bow tie, with a white apron tied around him and a rubber spatula in his hand.
Mason is one of the sons of Anna and Josh Duggar.

The adorable photograph also showed Mason standing next to the microwave, making it seem like he’s waiting for something to come out of it.
And no, Mason wasn’t standing on the counter or a step stole, it just so happens that Michelle and Jim Bob’s microwave in their kitchen is placed very close to the ground.
A concept that threw some of their followers through a loop:
Not to smart to have the microwave that low.
probably to start training their kids to cook clean and take care of his siblings like Michelle did with her kids.
lol glad I’m not the only one that noticed I mean it’s cool but my kid would be microwaving everything
Why is your microwave so close to the ground
However, while the Duggars didn’t respond to their followers’ concerns, other followers did that for them.

One commenter said many newly remodeled kitchens have the microwave low to the ground now to actually prevent injury:
it’s a high end kitchen trend – so you don’t pull hot things out from above with the possibility of spilling it down on you, and so that your cabinets are the only thing in sight rather than appliances!
And another follower agreed, adding:
its actually pretty common in newer high end kitchens.
With a lot of little kids in the Duggar family, do you find having the microwave so close to the ground and within their reach is unsafe?

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