Fall In Love With The Beauty Of This Handcrafted Log Home

You’ll be sure to fall in love with the Sawtooth handcrafted log home, a full scribe round log home from Caribou Creek. Full scribe style is also known as Swedish Cope and Scandinavian full scribe, and in this construction method, craftsman use a scribing tool to painstakingly transfer the contours of the lower log onto the upper log and then cut the upper log to fit snugly on top. When the logs are assembled on your log house building site, a layer of gasket material is hidden within the lateral joints to prevent any bugs from intruding into your home. This style fits together very tightly and does not require chinking. As the logs adjust to their final climate, some settling is to be expected, this is normal, and just makes the log home even tighter. These construction techniques take settling into account, and work with the natural tendencies of the wood to allow for this movement. The builders work with your log house contractor to help them understand best practices for finishing a log home constructed with live building materials.

The log home construction process begins with the wood selection and preparation. Every one of the custom log homes, timber frame homes, dovetail homes, log cabins, and post and beam homes from Caribou Creek begins the same way. First, they hand-select the logs for each part of the log house structure. Next begins the debarking process after which they are inserted into the kilns to be fully dried. Their in-house kiln drying capability gives them greater control over the moisture content and final quality of the logs. During the building process, the craftsmen choose logs to match the log member they are crafting to keep waste to a minimum.

Next, the logs are brought into the construction yard and hand peeled to remove the bark and leave a nice, clean surface. If your home is a timber frame home or a dovetail home that is constructed using squared timbers, you have the option of hand-hewing or hand-scoring the timbers. This is a very popular texture, giving the timbers the appearance of age and adding unique character to each piece.

There are different log surface textures to include hand peeled, skip peeled, rough sawn, circle sawn, hand-hewn, ax hewn, antiqued, and smooth. Hand Peeled is the standard on all-around log projects from Cedar Creek, with each log being hand-peeled with a drawknife for a traditional texture and finish. The skip peeled logs are hand peeled with a drawknife, leaving streaks of the dark inner bark behind for a more rustic look. Reminiscent of early, rustic cabins. Rough Sawn is the standard on all timber projects, timbers are rough sawn using a band sawmill, leaving behind straight saw marks (this is the most common timber option).

Circle Sawn timbers are rough sawn using a circular blade, leaving behind curved saw marks. Hand Hewn timbers are hand-hewn for a rustic finish. Axe Hewn timbers are hand-hewn to mimic the look of a log-shaped with a broadaxe giving a heavy, rustic character. Antiqued timbers are rough-hewn then media blasted to raise the grain, giving it a weathered surface texture. Smooth timbers are planed on all visible surfaces for a smooth finished surface.

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