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Creative gift wrapping with cricut explore

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Decorated presents are not only fun to receive, but they are also fun to make and give! With the Cricut Explore, it is even simpler for creative gift wrapping to happen whether you’re designing something up yourself or using a template out of Cricut’s expansive library.

And because I LOVE my readers so much, I jumped in on a chance to give away a Cricut Maker machine–it does everything the Explore series does, and a bit more! See that entry at the bottom of the post.

If you’re not super familiar with Cricut’s Explore line of machines, you use them hand in hand with Cricut’s Design Space. You can type text to cut out, make shapes and import files to send to your machine. They also have a subscription based service called Cricut Access that allows you to use thousands of images for free and a discount of digital images you purchase. With the variety of clip art available by subscription, there’s hardly a project you can’t do!

When I started thinking about the theme for my packages this year, I started browsing through the Cricut image catalog for a few ideas. Here is what I came up with–just click on the project links to bring you to the cut-able files.

creative gift wrapping idea 1: santa packages

I love how a few pieces of white cardstock and black ribbon transform these packages into something so jolly.

This is a completely free project file! You can use hot glue or tape for assembly. For a little variation on the Santa theme, take your red wrapped box and band it with black ribbon, but only add the buckle to the front.


  • Red wrapping paper
  • White card stock
  • Wide black ribbon
  • Gold glitter paper
  • Santa gift wrap file

The first thing you understand when you start wrapping presents is that no two ever seem to be the same size or shape. This template will work with the shirt box variety less than 11.5 inches wide (the size your Cricut mat will cut). To make the Santa gift wrap template work for your box, measure the width of the box and keep that number in mind. Open the Santa gift wrap project, and enlarge all the graphics on the page at the same time to the width of your box. Then press go to start cutting!

Wrap a band of black ribbon around the middle of your box, adhering the ribbon to the box on the back of the box. The ribbon I used here was 1 1/2 inches wide, but use what you can find!

Glue the buckle to the front in the middle of the black ribbon.

Add the white beard and the white cuff of Santa’s coat to the box.

creative gift wrapping idea 2: reindeer boxes

The reindeer photo prop file required for this project is 99 cents on Cricut’s design space. Less than that if you’ve got a subscription!


  • Dark brown cardstock
  • Red card stock
  • Cricut white vinyl
  • Black card stock
  • Red ribbon
  • Jingle bell
  • Hot glue
  • Tape
  • Reindeer wrapping project file

This reindeer gift wrapping is best suited to tall and skinny rectangular boxes. Adjust the size of the antlers, etc. to fit the box after you open the file.

Cut out the antlers, eyelashes and nose from paper. The white oval should be cut out of white vinyl.

To assemble, put on the antlers first near the top of the box.

Then the eyelashes and nose.

Wrap the ribbon around the box twice so it forms an x and tie it off in the front.

Hot glue a jingle bell to the center of the x.

Peel the vinyl oval off the backing and place the sticker near the bottom a of the box so that part of the oval bends over the side of the box.

creative gift wrap idea 3: holly

Holly is classic Christmas and makes any package more festive! This file is free with the Cricut access subscription, as is the font.


  • Brown craft wrapping paper
  • Red card stock
  • Green card stock
  • Gold cord
  • Gold glitter paper
  • Hot glue
  • Holly image from Cricut Design Space

I knew I was going to be using quite a bit of holly so I duplicated the holly image several times over before I started my Cricut Explore cutting.

To make a monogram, use the Belwe Standard font at about 3-4 inches depending on the size of your box. It’s a very nice serif font with a stately sort of feel. Use glitter paper for this cut!

If you slightly bend the corners of your holly leaf up, you’ll have a very dimensional little leaf to put with your holly berries.

Grab a couple leaves, a pine sprig, and a few berries and hot glue them together.

After wrapping your box a few times in gold cord and tying it off, tuck a few sprigs of holly under the ribbon.

For a variation on the theme, use the reindeer photo prop antlers and shrink them down to fit on a box by themselves with a few sprigs of holly thrown in!

All put together, they make a wonderful collection under the tree, and each one will be a treasure to receive!

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