Meet Kate, the 345sf Luxurious Model from Tiny House Building Company

The virginia-based company, Tiny House Building Company, LLC, has released a simple yet gorgeous tiny house called Kate that we can’t get enough of! From the outside, you may think this is just another cedar-shake covered boxy tiny house, but you’d be wrong! The inside of this house is unbelievable which is why this lovely … Read more

The Carriage House is a Unique Tiny Home from Zenith Design + Build

  The vast majority of tiny houses have the same basic layout. They are similar in size and shape to a large motorhome (not a coincidence, considering motorhomes were the original tiny homes). There is one large downstairs living space, and then one or two small lofts above for sleeping, usually with very low ceilings. … Read more

Experience the Lake Life in a Luxurious Tiny House by Whatcom Lake Cottages

  There’s an adorable community called Wildwood on the shore of Whatcom Lake in Washington made up of tiny houses designed to be the perfect retreat for families. Each home is privately owned and they come with quite the hefty price tag with most starting in the mid-300’s! But you just may decide it’s worth … Read more

50 Beautiful Tiny Houses that Maximize Space

  Tiny homes have been making big statements in the past few years. As our world becomes smaller and more expensive, many buyers are looking for opportunities to live more fulfilling lives with less waste. Tiny houses embrace all the beautiful architectural integrity of full-sized homes; yet most of these small structures waste less space … Read more

Sojourner Tiny Home by Häuslein Tiny House Co

The “Sojourner”—the debut 31′ tiny house on wheels built by the team at  Häuslein Tiny House Co. in New South Wales, Australia This 307-sqft tiny home has some serious curb appeal with the slate matte Trimdeck & western red cedar siding, but the inside of the home does not disappoint either! The center of the home features the … Read more