Beautiful Log Cabin

There are so many beautiful log home designs out there, so if you’re looking for inspiration you will definitely have a lot of examples to choose from. If you are looking for a spacious and stunning home for your family, this $56,000 log home (Kit Price) is a must see. The cool part about log homes is that they have a much warmer feeling than regular concrete homes with cold walls. You will always feel much more comfortable in a log home, not to mention that these are more sustainable and a smaller investment. You can find this gorgeous log home by visiting the Natural Log Homes website, a company based in Michigan. The home is called The Keplar and has a beautiful and warm interior, decorated with natural elements and luxurious wooden floors. To learn more about this log home, visit the website below and read the details.

“Keplar Log Home”       2204 sq.ft.







“Keplar Log Home” 2204 sq.ft.
28 by 48′ w/ 4 by 20′ great room extension w/ 24′ by 32′ Garage; 3 bedroom; 1st. floor= 1376 sq.ft. 2nd. floor= 828 sq. ft. Garage = 768 sq. ft.

“We Had the privilage of getting to know the Keplar family and Building this Beautiful Log Cabin for them down close to Fort Wayne, Indiana. We enjoyed this beautiful design picked out by Jeff and Carol, and the times spent with them will be treasured for years to come. The Great room in this Cabin, The Porches, The Garage, The Kitchen and the Bedrooms all stand out to make it an exceptional Log Cabin.  This one is probably too splended with too great of views to simply use it for a vacation home, That is unless you would like vacation all the time.”

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