Amazing Wooden Tiny House

We continue to discover for you. Our tiny house on today’s tour is from Kujdane Cabin among the forested region of northern Iran.

We are researching the structures made using tiny house in different regions of the world for you and share them for you to give an idea.

See the tiny two-story house in the middle of a natural forest garden. It is an ideal tiny house with its simple and minimalist structure and modern style.

Iranian architecture group Shomali Design Studio envisions its Kujdane Cabin among the forested region of northern Iran. The design team expresses influence from its natural context to curate the contemporary tiny house, a reinterpretation of the traditional A-frame typology.

The wooden material palette is expressed with cool-toned interior elements, paired with a facade of full-height glazing to fit the dwelling’s curving profile.

Shomali Design Studio’s Kujdane Cabin is expressed with a centralized glass core which runs vertically through the heart of the building. This distinctive element serves to create a vertical connection between the sky and the ground plane, allowing residents to take advantage of natural light from inside the house and to feel the passage of snow and rain.

Under the raised house, the stream of rain and snow flows from the vertical core into a small reservoir. The feature adds an exciting visual element to the interior, while the pool below offers a natural cooling effect.

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