15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb

There’s no denying that there has been a sharp increase in tiny house demand. They seem to be popping up everywhere, and people are falling in love with both the aesthetics and functionality. But, can you really see yourself in one full time? How do you know without first trying?

Before you start on your own tiny home building adventure, it might be time to rent a tiny house. You can then know with 100 percent certainty whether such a lifestyle works for you!

Luxurious Tiny House – South of Aarhus, Denmark

Luxurious stressless Tiny House south of Aarhus 8 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 If you want an accurate depiction of what a tiny home can be, then this luxurious tiny house south of Aarhus in Denmark is a wonderful option.

 Ideal for up to four guests, it’s a two-bedroom, 28 square-meter flat on wheels. It’s contemporary, features an eight square-meter loft with two loft beds, and has 20 square meters of livable space. It even offers a full-sized bathroom, lounge, hall, dining and living room, and master bedroom.

 All parts of the home are made with space-saving concepts in mind. The dinner table folds down, and the house itself is on wheels for transportation.

Luxurious stressless Tiny House south of Aarhus 3 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 This tiny home is within 15 meters of the host’s home in a small village and is a concept house for testing purposes. Learn more here 

Eco-Friendly Tiny House – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

tiny house kalilua kona 1 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 This tiny house is nestled amid three acres of land on the stunning Kailua-Kona Island in Hawaii, USA.

tiny house kalilua - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 It’s just seven minutes from the beach, forests, and botanical landscapes, and sits alongside two other houses on the property.

 The contemporary styling works beautifully with the island theme, and the bed is easily accessible up a ladder into the loft area. There is also enough sleeping space for up to five guests, with three beds in total.

tiny house kalilua kona 4 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 The open plan living area, communal barbeque, and bonfire, and indoor-outdoor flow make this tiny house one you’ll adore. Learn more here 

Wallace Falls Tiny House – Gold Bar, Washington, USA

wallace falls tiny house 1 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 If you weren’t sure whether tiny houses were for you, then this beauty in Gold Bar, Washington, is surely proof of the supposed impossible. With room for three people plus the family pets, there’s a lot to love.

 It boasts proximity to the mountains, a full kitchen, projector TV, shower, and composting toilet. There is also a sleeping loft, private patio, washer-dryer, and storage galore. Enjoy the relaxing living area during the day with a bit of TV watching, then retreat to the bedroom sanctuary upstairs at night.

wallace falls tiny house 2 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb

Sunny Ballard Tiny House – Seattle, Washington, USA

ballard tiny house 1 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 If you want a genuine experience of tiny home living, then this beautiful 310 square-foot abode in Seattle, Washington, can deliver. In a quiet neighborhood and sharing the yard with the homeowners, it’s a lovely, warm, and welcoming environment.

 It boasts contemporary charm, plenty of space to cook and dine, and a vaulted ceiling with skylights for a feeling of space and airiness. There is also a ladder-accessible loft with a double bed, as well as a convertible bed in the nook area.

ballard tiny house 2 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 This tiny home offers a ¾ bath, large shower, and a gas fire to take the chill out of the air.

ballard tiny house 3 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb

Tiny house in the vineyards – Penedes, near Barcelona,  Spain

Tiny House in the vineyards near Barcelona 5 - 15 Amazing Tiny Houses You Can Rent on Airbnb
 This tiny house in the heart of the vineyards of the Penedes is truly something special and unique. Not only is it the first off-grid tiny house in Spain that’s both mobile and ecological, but it boasts spectacular views and living arrangements

 On your first day, you’re treated to breakfast; then you get to explore this red and black tiny home with panoramic views of the Montserrat Mountains.

  The beautiful bed offers stunning views to the outside, while the kitchenette, heating, and remarkable interior wood construction tick all the boxes.

 The tiny house is also on the doorstep to a historical family vineyard, ArtCava, adding an element of surprise to your stay. Learn more here 

 If you fancy yourself as a nature explorer, then this tiny house delivers the full package. As an off-the-grid little house, it’s a beautiful option to recharge and be at one with nature.

 This tiny house on wheels features mostly reclaimed wood and offers beautiful views to nature outside. It also comfortably sleeps two with a sleeping loft and a full-size futon downstairs. Once you’re up and about for the day, you can then make use of the single-burner cooktop, fresh well water, and the fridge with ice packs. Remain toasty and warm thanks to the wood stove.

 This tiny home offers everything you need to live off the grid comfortably, with tourist destinations nearby. Take a trip to the spring-fed lake for kayaking, swimming, and more. Or, make your way to Vermont and Adirondacks not too far away. Learn more here 

 If you thought that you couldn’t get enough of coffee, then you haven’t seen this beautiful tiny house in Nahant, Massachusetts.

 This tiny home runs entirely on coffee – a biofuel blend of 80 percent coffee oil from grounds. It offers enough power to light the house and run all its appliances.

 It boasts beautiful views of the Boston skyline and the Atlantic Ocean and is in immaculate condition.

  That’s not all this tiny house has to offer either. Enjoy unlimited coffee, a chef’s kitchen, a coffee maker, a designer bathroom with spa tub, a king-size bed, snacks, WiFi, a cedar deck, AC and heat, and more. Learn more here 

Tiny Getaway in Niagara – Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

 With a farmhouse theme to match the 12 acres of land it’s situated in, this tiny home in Lincoln, Ontario, Canada will surely impress.

 Enjoy the park-like setting, 30-minute proximity to Niagara Falls, and a small abode with all the amenities of one much larger.

 There’s a heat pump, fridge, laundry, stove, compostable toilet, and solar panels. Space heaters also keep the chill out of the air.

 You can even enjoy fresh farm produce during your stay, all while enjoying the comfort of the tiny house with a loft bedroom and a welcome living area. Learn more here 

Cozy Casita Retreat – Nashville, Tennessee, USA

 If you and a loved one want to experience a tiny home first-hand, but with all the contemporary comforts, then this one is it.

 In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, this cozy Casita Retreat has a lot to offer the average holidaymaker.

 It boasts beautiful contemporary touches, an expansive kitchen, and a cozy sleeping loft with access via a ladder.

 The outside of this tiny home is equally as impressive. Relax on the porch rocking chairs, eat breakfast at the picnic table, or read a book in the backyard. Learn more here 

Byron Hinterland Tiny House – Possum Creek, New South Wales, Australia

 Get a taste of Australian culture, cuisine, and tiny homes at the Byron Hinterland Tiny House in Possum Creek, New South Wales, Australia.

  This beautiful little abode is nestled in the heart of five acres of land, with beautiful bushland, orchards, and birdlife. Breakfast is included – with a fresh array of locally grown produce – and you’re also welcome to pick citrus from the orchard for personal consumption.

 The tiny house is equally as impressive as the land. The natural theme will appeal to many, and there are all the creature comforts of home, such as a hot shower and a fridge.

 The house is off the grid, but not lacking in warmth or convenience.

 There is also a double bed to call your own for the duration of your stay, and a breakfast bar that opens to the outside world. Learn more here .

Retro Tiny House – Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia

 If you’re looking for holiday accommodation with a difference, then this tiny house made of repurposed and reclaimed materials in Sunshine Beach, Queensland, Australia, could be the answer. Not only can it offer a taste of tiny home living, but of beach life with its retro Hawaiian Boho surf theme.

 This tiny house has featured in many magazines and for a good reason. It’s fully functional for holidaymakers and is in a private tropical garden with sunset mountain views. While it’s on the same property as the host, you have a secluded slice of paradise during your stay.

 The sleeping area for two is within a loft accessible by a rolling ladder. Underneath is the kitchenette with an adjacent nautical-themed bathroom. There are also two dining areas – one inside and outside, as well as a skylight you can open. Learn more here 

Tiny home with orchard views –  Marlboro, New York, USA

 Mere minutes from Beacon and set on a 30-acre farm with rolling vineyards and apple orchards, this tiny house is possibly everything you could ever need.

  It will happily house up to four guests – two downstairs and two in the loft – and it’s situated in Marlboro, New York.

 The knotty wood stairs lead you down from the window-encompassed loft to the main living area of the home. Make use of the cozy kitchen then why not relax in the sunshine while you look out to farmland and beyond? This contemporary yet classic tiny house also offers outdoor entertainment in the form of a slate fire pit, as well as proximity to all life’s necessities. Learn more here 

Charming tiny home  – Atlanta, Georgia, USA

 If you’re all about modern conveniences and stunning décor, then this tiny abode will tick all the boxes. It boasts a beautiful farmhouse charm, shiplap wrapping, and plenty of space for up to four guests. Looks can certainly be deceiving with this tiny home.

  There is a queen bed on the first floor and another in the loft. There is also a full-size bathroom and kitchen with all the conveniences of a standard-sized home.

 This fully-fenced tiny home with an outdoor entertainment area may be small, but it’s not without the necessities. It has a washer/dryer, high-speed internet, subscription TV services, and even appliances such as an iron and hairdryer. Learn more here

Tiny House in the trees – Durham, North Carolina, United States

 You haven’t truly experienced a tiny home until you’ve stayed in this tiny house in the trees in Durham, North Carolina.

  It’s a charming, rustic, and genuinely the definition of tiny. If this doesn’t give you a taste of simple living, then nothing will.

 You can wake up to the sound of birdsong, sleep nestled in a loft, and enjoy all 120 square feet of space. There is even a porch to enjoy your morning brew, as well as a kitchenette.

 This tiny house is positioned on the host’s property, but you’ll love the playful, intimate surroundings and rustic touches on offer. Learn more here 

MT Hood View Tiny House -Sandy, Oregon, USA

 Tell all your friends that you stayed at the only tiny home in Sandy, Oregon! This lovely abode is a mile from Highway 26 in Sandy’s city limits and has so much to offer the average holidaymaker. Enjoy seclusion and peace on a 23-acre site, as well as the proximity to Mt. Hood.

 The cabin styling of this tiny home will undoubtedly appeal as well. It boasts a strong wood theme, beautiful indoor-outdoor flow onto a deck, and a moving window-wall system to bring nature indoors.

  The double bed is also in the living space with no ladders or lofts in sight. Learn more here 

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